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Gas Monitoring Systems


Protect Your Personnel Against Toxic, Inflammable & Asphyxiate Gases

At Gasat Engineering, we take pride in being leading suppliers of high quality gas monitoring systems in Qatar for commercial, residential and industrial application.

Our gas monitoring systems are manufactured by companies specialized in the field. We help you remain at the forefront of personnel protection against inhalation & exposure to toxic, flammable gases.

All our gas monitoring systems are highly efficient, reliable & guarantee performance in critical environments.

We provide Central Alarm Panels and Stand-alone detectors, for both safe location or explosion proof facilities with CO2, LPG, CO, O2,Aceton, Acetyelne ,Hydrogen monitoring, etc.

Medical Systems


World-class medical systems for superior health care in Qatar

Gasat Engineering provides a wide range of medical systems to fit your application needs at medical facilities. From Gas Manifold Changeover systems to Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System (AGSS), we enable you to optimize your medical systems at the following places:

  • Hospitals or Clinics
  • Operation Theatres & General Wards
  • Anesthesia Rooms
  • Pendant System
  • Medical Pipe System such as medical air compressor, vacuum plant,AGSS plant ,Scavenging plant,Bed Head Units &AVSUs,
  • Flow meter regulators

We also provide high quality Vacuum Insulated Evaporator Systems (VIE) for proper storage & supply of life-saving oxygen at medical facilities. Whether you already have a VIE & need to re-size it, or installing one for the first time, Gasat Engineering ensures you have the right designed system supported by an experienced and reliable team.

LPG System


At Gasat Engineering, we offer a versatile portfolio & services in the field of LPG systems & equipment. With innovative LPG systems, we introduce you to new developments for usage of industrial solutions & technical gases.

  • LPG Vaporizer (Electrical, Water, Steam Type Vaporizer)
  • LPG Pumps & equipment
  • Under Ground & Above Ground LPG tanks
  • Gas Regulator
  • Syntactic Natural gas (SNG)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG)

Industrial Gases System


Gasat Engineering specializes in design, installation of turnkey projects of industrial gas systems such as CO2,Air Seperation Plants,N2, O2, C2H2, H2, Argon, Breathing Air.

Laboratory system


We provide Auto-change over system point of use regulators, High-Purity System upto 6.0 grade. Safety cabenit for cyoinders and chemicals ,alarm system ,vacumm system ,glove Box


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